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Our Policies

The Optical Foundation / Our Policies

Our Mission

The Optical Foundation’s mission is to make eye care accessible to everyone in Africa, especially for children and initially in Ghana. This is achieved through providing the education to local optometry students. These students teamed up with internationally qualified optometrist optometrists, perform screenings on children.

Through this transfer of information and the collaboration with local optometry students, more knowledge becomes available their own country, which builds a local network knowledgeable resources and establishes contacts with clinics and hospitals. As a result the local students can ultimately carry out optometry work and more job opportunities get created.

The Optical Foundation is mainly dependent on donations and gifts from individuals. These donations have made it possible to carry out a number of projects in Ghana. In order to ensure continuity of the work of the foundation and to keep expanding, ideally a fundamental collaboration with optical companies in the Netherlands will be established. Additionally, requests for financial support will be submitted with the appropriate (government) agencies.

Using a SWOT analysis, the positioning of The Optical Foundation was determined and possible collaborations with other parties explored. In the third chapter the planned project implementation is described. The marketing and communication activities are outlined in chapter four. In the last chapter covers the financial substantiation.

Financial Accountability

Revenue comes in the form of donations from private donors and independent opticians. These donors are currently mainly achieved by:

  • giving lectures;
  • crowd funding;
  • money raising activities on special occasions;
  • publication and actions through the website and social media;
  • publications in professional journals.

The proposal is to use the additional income from these other donations to, carry out additional activities in Ghana. The income from these sources currently amounts to about € 4,000, – per year.

As can be seen in the budget, The Optical Foundation is looking for an annual financial support of € 24,075, –

The objective is to increase the self-reliance of the Ghanaian target group as much as possible, to enable them to gain an independent position. Finding a international’ partner who is willing to financially commit to this project for one or more years, will allow us to achieve this.

Remuneration policy

The foundation is a small organisation with overheads kept to an absolute bare minimum, to ensure that all revenue raised through donations and sponsorship is almost entirely used only for benefit the project (> 98% for the project). Despite its relatively short existence, the project has already proven itself to be successful. Our business plan will explain our spending.