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[vc_row content_width=”grid” css=”.vc_custom_1528842877987{background-position: center !important;background-repeat: no-repeat !important;background-size: cover !important;}”][vc_column][edgtf_elements_holder number_of_columns=”two-columns” switch_to_one_column=”1024″][edgtf_elements_holder_item item_padding=”6% 15% 10% 14%” target=”_self” item_padding_1280_1600=”6% 10% 10% 3%” item_padding_1024_1280=”7% 13% 10% 6%” item_padding_768_1024=”4% 9% 1% 9%” item_padding_600_768=”3% 4% 3% 6%” item_padding_480_600=”3% 2% 2% 4%” item_padding_480=”3% 2% 2% 4%”][vc_column_text]The Optical Foundation works closely with the Optometry Schools at the Universities in Ghana to support and drive the education in optometry. These relationships help to build and sustain a skilled pool of specialists for the long-term sustainability of eye health care in Ghana. One of the ways that we help is by facilitating donations of equipment to assist education programs at the Optometry Schools. The donated equipment supports hands-on training and education for the Ghanaian optometry students.

The Optical Foundation’s Equipment Donation Program is also designed to make equipment available for collaboration with locally driven rural community eye examination projects.

How Can I Donate?

The Optical Foundation’s Equipment Donation Program invites schools to request equipment that would benefit their curriculum, and invites companies to donate equipment when and where it makes sense for their business.

Following is a list of items that are always needed: equipment, since we will always need that:

  • Trial Cases
  • Trial Frames
  • Retinoscopes
  • Retinoscopy Rack Lens Sets
  • Ophthalmoscopes
  • Visual Acuity Charts
  • Stereopsis Tests
  • Colour Vision Tests

If you or your company would like to discuss donating any of the above listed items or other equipment, please contact us using the below form and provide as much information as possible.[/vc_column_text][/edgtf_elements_holder_item][edgtf_elements_holder_item item_padding=”0% 14% 12% 5%” target=”_self” item_padding_1280_1600=”0% 2% 12% 8%” item_padding_1024_1280=”0% 6% 0% 7%” item_padding_768_1024=”4% 8% 8% 8%” item_padding_600_768=”0% 7% 9% 7%” item_padding_480_600=”1% 3% 17% 3%” item_padding_480=”1% 3% 17% 3%”][vc_column_text]

Complete Form to Donate Equipment

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