New Board Member:

Owoahene (Owi) Owusu Mensah

Introducing Owoahene (Owi) Owusu Mensah: The newest board member of The Optical Foundation

In 2021, Owoahene (Owi) Owusu Mensah obtain his Bachelor of Science degree in Optometry at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht marking the commencement of his career as a licensed optometrist that exudes nothing but sheer passion and dedication. Since then, Owi has consistently displayed an unwavering commitment to the field of optometry.

Owi’s journey with The Optical Foundation (TOF) began in 2022 when on a trip in Ghana he met Ameen (a board member of TOF) and an instant friendship started. He had previously met Carolina Kunnen at the NCC and in conversations with with both Ameen and Carolina his excitement for the foundation was ignited. Being of Ghanaian decent himself, learning about TOF’s mission and initiatives to enhance eye care in Ghana resonated deeply with Owi’s vision and aspirations. This newfound enthusiasm led to a remarkable partnership as an ambassador, further strengthening Owi’s connection with TOF.

As our shared journey continued to unfold, Owi’s dedication and contributions to TOF shone brightly, and in 2023, we proudly welcomed Owi to our board. This significant step exemplifies Owi’s commitment to making a tangible impact on eye care and accessibility to quality optometry services in Ghana.

Owi’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, commitment, and purpose. We are thrilled to have Owi as the newest member of The Optical Foundation, and we look forward to achieving extraordinary milestones together on our mission to create a brighter, healthier future for all.