Meet Our New Board Member Rianne Harmsen

The Optical Foundation welcomes our new Board member Dr. Rianne Harmsen.

Rianne has also lived in Ghana for a year in 2007-2008, teaching biology, chemistry and physics at the Nandom Secondary School, a school located in the remote northwest of Ghana. Rianne and Carolina happened to be working in Ghana in the same period, allowing Rianne to visit The Optical Foundation project a number of times, so she is very familiar with the project and our local contacts in Ghana.

Having spent as much time in Ghana as she has, Rianne is very familiar with the culture, values and customs ​​in Ghana, so her value to The Optical Foundation is beyond measure. In 2014, Rianne’s advisory roll was pivotal in helping The Optical Foundation establish a more professional decorum. This resulted in us offering Rianne a position as a board member in early 2015, were she will continue to be part of the progress of The Optical Foundation.

The Foundation is delighted that Rianne has join our team!