2022 The Optical Foundation Awards

The Optical Foundation / 2022 The Optical Foundation Awards

Awards for Outstanding Contributions in the Field of Optometry

In its continuing support of the field of optometry in Ghana and beyond, The Optical Foundation (TOF) has established two new awards to acknowledge individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the field of optometry.

Commencing 2022, each year the following two TOF awards will be presented at the Ghana Optometric Association (GOA) General meeting:

    • The Optical Foundation Award for Outstanding Contributions in the Field of Optometry
    • The Optical Foundation Early Career Award for Outstanding Contributions in the Field of Optometry

The Optical Foundation Optometrist of the Year Award is an annual award presented to an individual who has made a distinguished and significant contribution to the practice and development of optometry and/or the visual enhancement of the public.

The Optical Foundation Young Optometrist of the Year Award is an annual award presented to an individual less than 6 years post-graduation who has made a significant contribution to the practice and development of optometry and/or the visual enhancement of the public, commensurate with their stage of career experience, and who has distinguished themselves among their peers, for example, through leadership.

These awards are not limited to GOA members or to optometrists. The Optical Foundation Advisory Committee will make their selection out of a pool of nominated candidates and submit their recommendations to The Optical Foundation Board for approval.

The nomination process will require, amongst other things, that a candidate has a letter of nomination from a GOA member. More details about the submission criteria will be made available when the call for nominations opens in the first quarter of 2022.