2019 Vision Outreach Eye Screening – Jachie, Ghana

The Optical Foundation / 2019 Vision Outreach Eye Screening – Jachie, Ghana

Vision outreach project with 2 volunteers collaborating with Jachie Eye Clinic Mid 2019

With your help we will be performing comprehensive eye examinations on approximately 1500 children in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

We will be sending 2 volunteer optometrists to Ghana to collaborate with the Jachie Eye Clinic team on this two-week outreach project. During these two weeks we will offer 2 local optometry students a practical experience opportunity in which they will each be teamed up with one of our volunteer optometrists. In shadowing our volunteers they get invaluable practical hands on experience and exposure to a wide range of ocular conditions.

On completion of the comprehensive eye examinations project our optometrist/orthoptist volunteers will be setting aside a day to visit the local University’s Department of optometry and present lectures to the students.