2020 Virtual American Academy of Optometry Conference

American Academy of Optometry 2020 Virtual Conference

With the global COVID-19 pandemic and international travel suspended, in person conferences converted to virtual conferences. While in most recent years only two successful candidates could be granted the award to attend a conference, as a result of the world adapting to the new global changes, The Optical Foundation seized the opportunity to make it possible for all level 500 Optometry students from both Universities in Ghana to attend.

All level 500 optometry students from the two Universities in Ghana had the opportunity to attend the American Academy of Optometry 2020 virtual conference. However, The Optical Foundation would never have been able to achieve this if it wasn’t for the following two sponsors: CooperVision US (sponsorship for membership) and the American Academy of Optometry (discount for membership) for their support.

Instrumental in driving this was Dr Thomas Stokkermans who worked hard behind the scenes in getting students signed up for Academy 2020 at home, but also the Advisory Committee who made all efforts in facilitating with this opportunity.